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Principle Photographer / Owner

I'm a mom to a very tall, and loud (she get's it from me) toddler. In another life I was a Legal Assistant to a boutique personal injury law firm in Vancouver, BC. I decided that my work-life balance needed to have more life than work, and photography and owning my own business was the answer. 

I've been photographing ever since I was little girl (cliche right?), my sister and I had a fascination with capturing, providing housing for, and photographing bugs (we gave them a good home I promise). 

Since my humble beginnings of photographing the bugs of Coquitlam, I have been photographing everything from landscapes to animals and, eventually, stepping up my photography game to portraits, lifestyle photography, and weddings. 

I'm one lucky photographer, I get to do something I love, while being creative and working with some amazing clients!

I'm professional, reliable (boring right?), and super down-to-earth. There's always a smile on my face, and a laugh somewhere in the distance. 

I would love to work with you, no matter what your photography needs are (even if you want tips on photographing bugs!).

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About me......

What Gear Do I Use? 

I excluseviley use Canon professional grade cameras, and a host of professional grade lenses. My favourite lens right now is my Canon 18mm-135mm or my nifty fifty (50mm 1.8).

Am I Professionally Trained? 

Actually, I studied Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental science before moving towards a career in the legal field. I'm what some would call a 'self-taught photographer'. I continually take courses, and attend various seminars to enhance my skills, not to mention that my  e-reader library is almost exclusively photography related books. 

Fast Fun Facts About Janet

1. The Office (American version) is like air in my house. It's literally always on. My toddler even dances to the theme song.

2. Related to the above: There's no such thing as an awkward situation a "that's what she said" joke can't fix. 

3. I colour. Yes, I'm one of those adults who colours in colouring books! It's relaxing and helps me wind down each night. 

4. Starbucks or Tim Hortons? This depends. For breakfast, 100000% Timmy's. But Starbucks for the win with their Venti iced coffee's. 

5. This is my full-time and all joking aside I take my business very seriously, I'm professional but fun when the occasion calls for it.

6. Gem from Gem and the Hollagrams is my spirt animal. 

7. I love dogs and cats but I have a cat. His name is Gus. He's plotting to take over the world all Pinky and the Brain style.

8. I can dance in any situation, and I'm teaching my daughter to do the same. 

9. I stayed up for both Royal Weddings, and loved every second. 

10. I have been married to my husband, Alan for the past 5 years, and we have been together for almost 10 years.