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Secondary Shooter 

Jennifer is a part-time photographer and O'Sullivan Photography's official second shooter. Jennifer specializes in landscape and wildlife photography and has professional training in dark room photography from Langara College in Vancouver, BC. 

Jennifer and Janet work great as a team, which is no surprise, since they're sisters!

Janet takes the primary photography shots while Jennifer is off to the side getting different angles and perspectives which makes for some of our best "non-posed" shots. 

Jennifer is our detail specialist she takes most of the macro-shots of the rings, dresses, and other little details throughout the day. 

Jennifer uses a professional grade Nikon DSLR with her own host of professional grade lenses, her favourite being her 70mm - 200mm for weddings. 

Jennifer is a proud mom to her two-year-old cocker spaniel Chloe, and enjoys a good round of car dancing, lip syncing, and old 1980's music videos.